DelayDots Spectral Plugins Pack VST v1 3 TALiO

TALiO | 16 September 2002 | VST | 2,8 MB
A collection of VST Plugins containing Spektral Shaper, Spectral eXtractor and Spektral Morpher.

Spektral Shaper
An FFT based 4096-band equalizer-like effect, which affects only magnitudes (i.e. no phase change). The purpose of this plugin is the ability to capture a preset from another wave file and apply it to your sample. That is, to apply a 4096 bands equalizer setting from a captured sample to yours. You are able to draw / modify presets with pencil, smoothing or sharpening tools.

Spectral eXtractor
An adaptive, self-tuning bandpass filter following the center frequency with controllable asymmetric band curve and shape. The plugin determines time variable center frequency with different processing modes: manual, centroid and dominant and allows user change concentration of spectral energy around that center frequency.

Spektral Morpher
A plug-in that allows you to completely alter the Source sample according to another, loaded (Target) sample with different transformation modes: different cross synth, and linear morph between 2 samples. There are 10 “morph” modes available: Convolution, Magnitude only convolution, Vocode effect and 7 mutation modes: Uniform signed / unsigned, Linear contour mutation, Nonlinear Contour (Irregular) signed / unsigned mutations, and 2 combined mutation modes.






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