DigiDesign ProTools v5 0 1 R2 ZONE

ZONE | 30 December 2000 | Win9x | 8,8 MB
This version of DigiDesign ProTools digital audio software is based on the ProTools Free version that doesn’t require additional DigiDesign hardware. Memory management code has been added to allow 32 tracks of audio and 127 midi tracks. The check that blocked plugins from certain manufacturers has also been removed.

This new version fixed a lot of issues:
– Version R2 solves various crashes & hangs on launch and when opening sessions
– Optimizations have sped up screen redraws, loading sessions, and other operations
– Once selected, the 48 KHz. sample rate setting will ‘stick’ without the need to re-open a Saved session
– A -9125 error caused by the SoundCheck session’s TM symbol has been corrected
– Some users have reported a hang with the message, “Scanning Program Memory.” We have made adjustments which should make Virtual Memory work better on many systems, eliminating this symptom
– A problem causing a burst of noise added at the end of recorded audio files has been corrected
– The Gueillmot ISIS soundcard now works with Pro Tools FREE
– The Turtle Beach Montego soundcard is now working better with PT FREE R2 on some systems
– The “unsteady pitch” or “warbling” occurring during playback on some systems has been fixed

Recommended System Requirements:
– Intel Pentium III
– Windows 98SE or Windows Me
– 256 MB Ram
– Phoenix or Award BIOS (recommended)
– A large, fast, hard drive for audio

Some notes by mnk:
– correct version is v5.0.1.471
– free version is limited to 8 tracks, this enhanced is up to 32
– all plugins are downloadable in separate .rar

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