Udemy Fingerstyle With The Beatles TUTORiAL

P2P | 17 October 2022 | 15.1 GB
With great songs, melodies and harmonies, The Beatles are the best to learn from and the most enjoyable to arrange to fingerstyle guitar.

In this course, I’ve gathered and arranged 4 Beatles songs for fingerstyle guitar, each song is broken down into small digestible pieces, with exercises that will help us implement the techniques needed to play fingerstyle guitar.

I believe that playing more songs is the most important thing to do in order to improve and develop your skills as a guitar player, that also wants to arrange for fingerstyle guitar by himself/herself.

With the songs: Yesterday, Yellow Submarine, With a Little Help From My Friends, and Here Comes The Sun, you’ll gain hours of fun, you’ll learn and develop thumb and finger independence, and you’ll get closer to understanding how to arrange fingerstyle by yourself.

Since Here Comes The Sun is in Drop D tuning, I made a chapter about Drop D tuning that will give you some practical tools to understand this tuning and its logic.

And everything is taught in a practical clear method that will make you truly succeed and improve your playing, not only for the songs and the content of this course but a method that will teach you how to learn everything you want.

What you’ll learn

•Play Arrangements For Beatles Songs
•Key Concepts For Arranging Songs For Fingerstyle Guitar
•Method For Learning New Songs
•The Basics of Drop D Tuning



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