Blender Substance Modeling And Texturing Videogame Props

Blender & Substance: Modeling And Texturing Videogame Props

Last updated 2/2021
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Learn the complete workflow of the models for videogames and create ¡five assets! using Blender and Substance Painter

What you’ll learn
Blender 2.8x fundamentals and principal modeling tools
All the modeling workflow for videogames
Optimization for videogames
UV unwrapping for videogames
Substance Painter fundamentals
PBR texture creation for videogames
5 epic game-ready assets step by step
Rendering in real-time with Blender Eevee and Cycles
Rendering in real-time with Marmoset Toolbag
Set the models in Unreal Engine
A computer where you can run Blender and Substance painter
It is not a requirement for the course but a digital tablet can help you a lot in the process
Along this course you will learn the complete workflow to create assets from scratch using two of the most powerful programs for 3D creation.Include the following topics:The fundamental theory of creating models for next-generation gamesThe fundamental theory of the PBR materials rendering method (currently the most used in the industry)All the fundamental aspects of Blender to navigate fluidly in the interfaceAll the principal modeling toolsSeveral of the most important modifiers to create specific forms and surfacesHow to use the Sculpt mode and how to use it to add sculpted details to our modelsHow to create High poly modelsHow to create, clean and optimize a Low poly modelHow to UV unwrap a model to project textures in itHow to project all the details from a High poly model into a Low poly model (Baking) using “matching by names” in Substance PainterHow to create and detail different PBR materials in Substance PainterHow to export all the texture maps to use them in any rendering engineHow to visualize any asset in Marmoset Toolbag to create high quality renders and export files for real-time visualizationHow to import any asset in the game engine Unreal engine and how to configure the materialsHow to set and render our models in Blender with the render engines Eevee and Cycles






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