Udemy Key Signature Boot Camp TUTORiAL

P2P | 18 October 2022 | 3.18 GB
Learn all the Key Signatures for good – no more suffering in C# Major!

We’ll be using the Circle of Fifths – the basis of all Music Theory to understand and memorize key signatures.

Benefits of learning all the key signatures:
•Improve your sight-reading
•Improve your playing technique, no matter what instrument you play
•Improve your song-writing
•Improve your improvizing

You’ll be able to:
•explore a wider selection of music with less effort
•read sheet music much more easily
•write better songs because you won’t be restricted to the same old keys
•get more gigs if you’re a working musician because you can read and play in any key

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
•remember how many sharps/flats a key has
•name the sharps and flats in order
•write key signatures in treble and bass clef
•write, understand and use the Circle of 5ths
•work out a key signature using the Circle of Fifths

You’ll have a thorough understanding of the basis of all music theory – the Circle of 5ths. From there, you can take your knowledge of music and music theory as far as you want, even to university level.

Who this course is for:
•Self-taught piano players and guitar players
•Instrumentalists that play by ear, whether amateur or professional
•Music students that have taken an online course on piano or guitar (or other instrument)
•Music students
•Jazz players wanting to audition for formal music study
•Working musicians who want more gigs



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