Blender Beginner Class Master The User Interface

Published 10/2022
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Your 1st step to learning Blender

What you’ll learn
How the Blender UI is strucutred
Accessing the template that best suits your workflow
Create your own layouts to suit your own projects
Change the look of the Blender UI Using Options From The System Preferences

This is our beginners’ class on learning how to manipulate the Blender UI, and it is often the first stop on our journey to learning Blender. By the end of this class, we will be able to successfully navigate the user interface, understand how Blender is structured, and even be able to change that structure to suit our own workflow.

If you are new to using the Blender software, then this is the perfect 1st course for you as it courses the basics of the Blender interface, ensuring that by the end, you are comfortable to start creating your 3D models using the software.

We teach the following topics in this course…

How to navigate to any project using the splash screen

Understand the layout of the Blender interface and how it is constructed

Manipulate your workspace by moving, swapping, adding and deleting panels

Control the appearance of your UI elements via the preferences panel

Create your own custom workspace for your project

Blender 3D is one of the most popular 3D modeling applications available today and is used by millions of artists around the world. Get started on your own Blender journey to becoming a 3D artist, animator, graphic designer etc, and it starts here, learning about the software itself.

Who this course is for
Absolute Beginners To The Blender Software

There are no requirements before taking this class






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