Create a tank Animation in Blender 2 93

Published 10/2022
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Learn how to model all kind of Tank & Machine with the help of this technique in Blender 2.93

What you’ll learn
The most fundamental concepts of 3D art and Blender.
UV Unwrapping & Texturing
How to create HDRI for lighting our scene using EasyHDRI
Create procedural material

Welcome to “Create and Animate Tank & Machine in Blender 2.93” This course uses only open-source software, Blender.

In this course, I will teach you Tank animation in an easy way. First we design a fantasy tank and then we animate it in a very easy way. You can use this method for other machines , robots and cars and animate them. I will use constraints to make ready our tank for final animation. During the process I explain all the tools, tips and tricks you need to improve your skills in the best way.After the tank design process completes, I will make HDRI for our scene and a very nice looking procedural material for our model and of course very realistic.

In addition, I will explain to you in general how to make your landscape and how to use Geometry Node for adding rocks and grass over your landscape to make a very realistic looking scene. Finally, I will animate the tank by using constraint at the first and in the next step I animate it using some key frame for location and rotation so that the tank moves back and forth and rotates in left and right.

and at the end i went through the shading tab and worked on an advanced HDRI setting to get extra realism and for rendering and went to compositing and manipulating some nodes to get better results with less samples. I will be using the Blender cycle for Rendering. all of these were done within a single program and incredibly, it is free to use.

Who this course is for
Anyone who wants to learn computer graphics and 3D artwork – no experience needed!
Anyone who has started working with Blender, but want to advance their character creation and 3d environments modeling skills
Artists and game developers who want to learn Blender

All Blender 3.0x versions are fully compatible with this course.
Absolutely no experience with 3D or Blender is necessary.





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