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Cortona3D RapidAuthor 是一款由Parallel Graphics公司推出的产品文档创作套件,由快速手册、快速目录、快速学习、快速工作指导、RAPIDTEXT、RapidIllustrator和CORTONA2D编辑器专业版六大模块组成,能够帮助用户对产品进行全面详细的介绍,让客户对产品可以更快的上手,无论是维护产品,还是操作培训都能轻松解决,是技术出版物的最好解决方案。

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The availability of high-quality documentation for products is one of the most important factors ensuring the success of the company and the effective work of its customers, partners and employees. Cortona3D offers an effective toolkit for developing interactive 3D / 2D parts catalogs, service and repair manuals, training courses – RapidAuthor.

RapidAuthor can significantly reduce the time and cost of developing documentation by using existing CAD, PDM and ERP data and creating a unified environment for preparing 2D / 3D graphics and text descriptions.

RapidManual is a software product for creating three-dimensional interactive technical manuals for equipment repair, maintenance, equipment assembly / disassembly. The use of three-dimensional animations allows you to clearly explain complex technical procedures and increase the level of memorization of information. This reduces the number of personnel errors when working with complex expensive equipment and the downtime of equipment due to breakdowns. More details …

RapidCatalog is an effective tool for creating 3D / 2D part catalogs. The high degree of interactivity and visibility of the catalog allows you to reduce the number of requests to the support service and prevent errors when ordering spare parts. The creation of parts catalogs begins at the product design stage, which significantly speeds up the release of the product to the market. More details …

RapidLearning offers an effective way to create training courses for staff training in working with complex equipment. The presence of interactive 3D-elements in the training significantly increases the level of memorization of complex operations, while the degree of visibility of the 3D-training is comparable to the training conducted on real equipment.

allows you to create interactive routings, instructions for assembling equipment and performing other complex procedures. When creating documentation, various types of information are combined – CAD data, engineering product specifications, safety instructions. The resulting interactive documentation allows for efficient and safe execution of production operations, both at the central production site and in remote branches.

-Creation of documentation begins at the product design stage – the time to market for the product is reduced.
-Reduce development and update costs compared to traditional documentation.
-Reuse of CAD and PDM data.
-A single environment for creating 2D / 3D graphics and texts.
-No experience with CAD programs required.
-Support for ISO standards.
-Support industry standards: ATA, S1000D, DITA.
-Intellectual property protection.
-The ability to distribute documentation on the Internet and view on mobile devices.







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