Homegrown Sounds 32 bit VST Collection for PC FREE

WiN | 851.84 MB
These instruments were created between 2005 and 2011 using Synthedit and custom modules. They are all 32-bit and for PC and are now being released into the public domain.

HGS VST Collection contains 3 installers for the main Collection that are actually rar files using an install script so can be opened in winrar too. The first should be installed to your 32-bit VST Plugins folder and the second needs to be installed to the root of C: The 3rd is the sample content required for Vortex.

This is the Microtonal patches shared by a few of the synths and they will not work without it. There are also the sample folders for a few instruments. It installs a HGSounds folder which contains the content as well as some simple text files on the root of C: which tells the instruments where to look for the HGSounds folder. You can manually move the folder anywhere you like and update the paths in these text files after they are installed but the text files must live in the root. I wish I’d used the registry back then for this but it is what it is!

There is no support or warranty for these, so use as you see fit. It represents a significant amount of my years and so it’s much better to get them into the public domain rather than simply disappearing. I hope you enjoy them!

Included Instruments:

Phase Shifter
Pulse Control
Scala Creator
Black Magic
Orgone, Astralis A & B
Astralis FX
Baby Bion
Harmonic Exciter
Soundscaper 1 & 2
Phase Shifter
WAV Recorder X



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