Ask Video Logic Pro 406 More Hip Hop Beatmaking in Logic Pro TUTORiAL DECiBEL

Team DECiBEL | 22 Oct 2022 | 441.0MB
In this 2nd course of our Beatmaking series, Apple Certified Trainer and Hip Hop producer Booker Edwards takes a deep dive into Logic Pro’s powerful beatmaking tools. Learn to make Hip Hop now in this inspiring 18-video course!

Logic Pro is now a Hip Hop beatmaker’s paradise. With its new Samplers, Live Loops, Drum Machines, slicing & dicing tools and extensive loop libraries, the Apple’s Logic team has created a Hip Hop making environment that is second to none. This course, by Atlanta producer Booker Edwards, shows you the power and control that Logic Pro brings to the world of beatmaking.

So let’s get going! First you learn about the Trap genre and its unique characteristics. Next, Booker takes you deep into looping using Logic’s Live Loops and Step Sequencer. It’s here that you see how to import MIDI regions into Live Loop cells and program Trap hats, kicks and snares. Next up is the all-important bass line programming. Booker shows you how to create and tweak 808 bass sounds to get that classic bottom tone that is essential to Trap. Next up is chord creation followed by some inventive exploration and experimentation with Live Loops’ cells. Booker concludes this beatmaking course by recording and exporting his newly completed Trap project.

So if Hip Hop is your thing (or even if it isn’t), this course will open your eyes to Logic Pro’s collection of instruments and creative performance tools designed to inspire us to be the best music creators that we can be!

18 Videos
1h 15m



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