Udemy You Got Rhythm TUTORiAL

P2P | 23 October 2022 | 7.33 GB
This online music course will teach you how to read, write and play rhythms in sheet music easily. Whether you already play piano, play guitar, sing, or are thinking of learning an instrument, you’ll learn to read music faster.

This music course is designed to teach you every detail of musical notation with regard to rhythm: how to read rhythm, how to write down rhythm and how to play rhythm. The value of learning rhythm separately from melody and chords will help you read the sheet music much more easily, even if you have never read a note of music before.

Master these music skills to read and write down rhythm to discover your creative musical talent!
While there are plenty of music courses that teach the theory behind reading music, it’s hard to find an in-depth course that focuses exclusively on rhythm like this one, which is for beginners and even advanced players that play by ear.

This course is designed for all musicians that want to read sheet music and play more of the music they love.

Advanced players who play exclusively by ear and want to earn more money from their music will benefit from this course.

What you will learn:

•How to read, write and play the eight basic note values
•Master time signatures, even 5/4
•How to use techniques to read and then feel syncopation
•Read, write and play polyrhythms



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