ARVerb Room v1 2 3 WiN MOCHA

MOCHA | VST2 | 370.75 KB
ARVerb Room Realistic reverb plugin based on physics. Fast and lightweight.

ARVerb Room is a reverb plugin that uses new physics-based modeling to achieve immersive spatialization, transient preservation and consistent sound.

Besides giving life to a single instrument, ARVerb Room may be used to glue multiple tracks by making them sound like they’re in the same space, while maintaining good track separation. The space-saving minimal user interface only has a handful of musical controls, making the algorithm easy to set up.

Key features:

Multiple source locations

Placing the different tracks at different locations in the same room helps creating a cohesive whole with good track separation.

Three room algorithms

The “small room” model is a fast-building reverb with the typical coloration of small space ambiances. The “large room” model does the opposite: slow, deep, and dense reverb with slight echo. And there’s a third model in between.

Low-end bypass control

Low frequency phase changes contribute a lot to the perception of space, but they are not always desirable (e.g., for mono compatibility or if the low-end already uses specific processing). The bass bypass control allows you to smoothly skip any processing of the low-end.

True stereo spatialization

The stereo-in, stereo-out processing is designed to create an accurate spatial image from stereo tracks or to add life to mono tracks.

System requirements:
Intel – Windows 10 or newer (64-bit only).



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