Blender 3 3 LTS Principles of design Environments A Z

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Duration 4h 54m Project Files Included MP4

Blender 3.3 LTS Principles of design – Environments A-Z


Learn the principles of design & create any large/small scale environments

What you’ll learn

How to create large/small scale environments A to Z
How to use a Story board
Principles of design (Repetition, scale, overlap, value contrast
Principles cont… Randomize scales, color contrast, detail contrast, focal points & more
Learn Philogix PBR Painter layer system for pro texture results
Learn LOD (Level of Detail) for gaming standards
Sculpting with Blender-kit brushes
Workspace and Outliner organization
Make clouds with volumetrics both in texture and geometry nodes
How to set a scene to the human scale/depth
HDR and organic lighting explained
Cycles optimization and full render settings
How to use Blenders’ video editor
Video editing with Cap Cut free software
Vertex model editing






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