FMJ Software Chromatia Tuner v2 0 ArCTiC

ArCTiC | 7 October 2002 | WinALL | 950 kB
Chromatia turns your computer into an advanced ‘reference quality’ instrument tuner.

– Use your computer as an advanced instrument tuner
– Works with almost any instrument
– Short response time
– Range: 9 octaves, C1 to C10
– Precision: Better than 0.1 Hz up to ~C8
– Automatic or manual note selection modes
– Reference tone option
– ‘Beat tone’ option – tune without looking at the computer screen
– Easily readable tuning meter
– Supports more than 30 different temperaments, from historic tunings such as pythagorean, meantone, just, or well tempered tunings, to the modern day equal temperament tuning
– You can select the root key for all tunings as well as add octave stretching if you want
– You can add your own custom scales and temperaments
– ‘Power button’ makes it easier to share the ‘audio input’ with other apps
– Optional real-time spectrum analyzer graph
– Optional calibration of input noise level, pitch (tune to reference source), and microphone type






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