Intermediate course on Blender s A N T Landscape tool

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Intermediate course on Blender’s A.N.T. Landscape tool

What you’ll learn

Learn Advanced scene creation with Blender 3.2
Volume scatter and world properties
Volume absorption and multiple shaders
Better uses for solidifying
Learn procedural node Tree combinations


Intermediate course – Please take my beginners course if needed


I am creating with noise reduction software and a new ROG Zephyrus Nvidia 3060 GPU so I can bring you the absolute best. Please check back monthly for remastered updates.

Give me just a moment to tell you all of the good stuff. In this course, you will learn multiple ways to create the best lighting and add realism to your scenes. I am going to teach this course as though you already have enough knowledge of the interface to follow along.

Don’t forget I have added plenty of .Blend files under resources/downloads to get you started.

In this course, you will how to:

Make a quick scene and jump directly into volumetrics

Get a deeper understanding of volume scatter

Mesh to Volume node in 3.3.0 Alpha

Learn the Volume cube and use math to modify it

Get a deeper understanding of volume absorption

Create light effects to enhance anything you make

Be able to make ghostly characters

Create light layers for depth

Focus visible light with the volume settings

Learn nodes to control your lighting

Learn the value of anisotropic adjustments

Apply volume absorption to your own models for color purity

With this course, you can get comfortable with volumetrics, remove the mystery, and apply it to your scenes and models. Please message me if you need any further assistance so I can help you in the Q & A here on Udemy.

Making 3D models and scenes is a very long-term process so give yourself time to learn and immediately apply what you have learned to your own creations. This process is tedious but results will come slowly and you practice your new skills and remember you have lifetime enrollment in this course.

Thank you for considering my course!
Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to learn advanced features in Blender






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