Learn Python in 2 Hours



Instructors: Studyopedia Trainings
20 sections • 58 lectures • 1h 58m
Video: MP4 1280×720 44 KHz | English + Sub
Updated 9/2022 | Size: 701 MB

Python from scratch with 20 lessons and live-running examples

What you’ll learn

Become proficient in Python
Get all the skills to demonstrate expertise in Python programming
Be able to program in Python professionally
Learn Python in 2 hours

No paid software required
Basic knowledge of Computer usage
Welcome to the 2 Hours Python Course by Studyopedia !!!

In this Video Course, learn Python and its concept. We have covered Python Basics and Advanced concepts in this course. It consists of 20 sections, 57 lessons, and live running source codes (downloadable), including Functions, Classes & Objects, Dictionary, Lists, Sets, Tuples, etc,

Python is a powerful, interpreted, object-oriented programming language. It is used in many areas for development and is considered a perfect language for scripting. A high-level programming language developed by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991. More than 75% of programmers considered Python as a must-have skill for Data Science.

***Python Features***

Open Source

High-level programming language

Multiple Programming-paradigms
(object-oriented, functional programming, imperative, etc.)

Interpreted language

Dynamically Typed


Lesser LOC (Line of codes)

***Python Version***

We have covered Python 3 and all the examples are being implemented on PyCharm, which is a free and open-source Python IDE.

***Lesson Covered ***

1. Python – Introduction

2. Install Python on Windows

3. Python – Variables

4. Python – Scope of Variables

5. Python – Operators

6. Python – Comments

7. Python – Type Conversion

8. Python – Get User Input

9. Python – Decision-Making Statements

10. Python – break and continue statements

11. Python – Loops

12. Python – Numbers

13. Python – Strings

14. Python – Functions

15. Python – Lambda Functions

16. Python – Classes and Objects

17. Python – Tuples

18. Python – Dictionary

19. Python – Lists

20. Python – Sets

Let’s start the journey!

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Who this course is for
Beginners Programmers – Those who want to Master Python Programming Skills
Python Programmers – Those who want to enhance their Python Programming Skills.
Students and Engineers – Those who are enrolling in Python as an academic course.
Professional Programmers – Those who want to switch to Python Programming.






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