Rhinoceros 3D For Dummies

Published 10/2022
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(From zero to hero)

What you’ll learn
Basic skills of 3D modelling with Rhinoceros 3D and become proficient user.
Ability to create own products ranging from furniture design to designing your own motor boat.
Creatation of 3D models in the easiest and most efficient possible way.
How to complete your crazy ideas of new design in first instance virtual product and secondly in real item.
None before experiences is needed to start course. This class is intended for beginners
You should have Rhino V7 version available, either as demo or purchased. Check rhino 3D website for downloading a demo version, fully functional.
My tutorials will be created using Windows platform, despite of that those using Rhino for Mac can follow easily.
I am Naval Architect with few years of experience in using Rhino 3D. My daily work is to optimize hull shapes and create exterior ship designs.Course is separated in few Sections. Every section will cover some other aspect.Firstly, in Section called “Week 0 – Familiarization” I will explain Rhino toolbar interface and simple commands just to get around. Understand a little bit how the software is working and what icons corresposd for what.Then we will pop in to Section “Week 1 – 2D Sketches”. Chapter will learn us how to operate in 2 dimensional enviroment, how to use standard drawing functions.Next we will start “Week 2 – 3D modelling” chapter where we will create simple 3D objects like lego brick, coach or blender.Finally towards the end of the course I will show you how to partly model motorboat.Main point for this course is to show student how to create own products ranging from lego brick to modelling motorboat. Present a techniques how to create 3D objects in most easiest and most efficient ways. Teach how to transform real objects around you / your ideas in virtual objects. Biggest aim is to open your eyes on on virtual world. ICourse will give you basics to start process of becoming 3D modelling designer.My favourite motto is “Each One Teach One”Thanks for your attention and let’s go!Alish


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Installation

Lecture 2 Installation

Section 3: Week 0 – Familiarization with Software

Lecture 3 Familiarization with Software

Section 4: Week 1 – 2D Sketches

Lecture 4 1.0 Introduction – 2D Sketches

Lecture 5 1.1 Key Ring – 2D Sketch

Lecture 6 1.2 Screw Key – 2D Sketch

Lecture 7 1.3 Chess Tower – 2D Sketch

Lecture 8 1.4 Batman – 2D Sketch

Section 5: Week 2 – 3D Models

Lecture 9 2.0 Introduction – 3D Models

Lecture 10 2.1 Lego Brick – 3D Model

Lecture 11 2.2 Coach – 3D Model

Lecture 12 2.3 Blender with Glass Jug – 3D Model

Section 6: Week 3 – RIVA Aquarama Modelling

Lecture 13 3.0 Introduction – RIVA Aquarama

Lecture 14 3.1 Hull – 3D Model

Lecture 15 3.2 Window – 3D Model

Lecture 16 3.3 Seat – 3D Model

Lecture 17 3.4 Assembling – 3D Model

Anyone who has got imagination and wants to learn 3D, interior design, engineering , architecture or hobbyists.,All people that want to learn and become expert in 3D modelling. This course will be only prologue to your 3D modelling journey. So get a comfortable seat and let’s start our adventure!






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