Complete Guide To 3D Coat

Published 10/2022
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Sculpting and Painting in 3D Coat for absolute beginners.

Sculpting and Painting in 3D Coat for absolute beginners.

What you’ll learn
How 3D Coat Works
Sculpting in Voxel Mode
Sculpting in Surface Mode
UV Mapping
Texture Painting
You should have 3D Coat 2022 installed on your computer.
I expect you to have some sort of basic 3D experience.
Do you want to know how to make any 3D model using 3D Coat?Then I welcome you to the Nexttut Education’s Complete Guide to 3D Coat courseINSTRUCTOR:My name is Hamidreza Afshari and with years of experience in game and VFX, I’ll be your instructor through this course.By the end of this course,you’ll be able to sculpt in bouth Voxel and Surface mode inside 3D Coat.You will be able to make a model with a Nice topology.You learn how to Unwrap your models, make beautiful textures, and render.WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:How 3D Coat works.Sculpting in Voxel ModeSculpting in Surface ModeRetopologyUV MappingTexture PaintingRenderingCOURSE PROJECTS:We will start Getting to know the 3D Coat and its environment. then we learn how to set up our project. after that, we will learn how to sculpt in both Voxel and Surface modes. after finishing sculpting, we learn how to make a nice retopology with different tools. after retopology, we will make UV based on our new clean mesh. In the end, we learn how to make a texture using this powerful software. Finally, we will learn how to make a beauty render using 3D-Coat render engine.IS THIS COURSE RIGHT FOR YOU:This course is aimed at beginner-level students who want to learn how to use 3D Coat.This is a starter course for beginners and it is designed to teach you whatever you need to start using 3D Coat in your projects.WHO IS NOT THE IDEAL STUDENT:This course is designed for absolute 3D Coat beginners.WHAT SHOULD YOU KNOW OR HAVE FOR THE COURSE:I expect you to have some sort of basic 3D experience.You should have 3D Coat 2022 installed on your computer.JOIN ME NOW:Join me and learn how to make beautiful models using 3D Coat.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Download Project Files

Lecture 3 Interface Overview

Lecture 4 What is 3D Coat

Section 2: Chapter 02 – Voxel Sculpting

Lecture 5 Sculpting the Head

Lecture 6 Continue Sculpting the Head

Lecture 7 Finishing the Head Sculpt

Lecture 8 Sculpting the Body

Lecture 9 Sculpting the Leg

Lecture 10 Making a Simple Spear

Lecture 11 Hand Base Mesh

Lecture 12 Refining the Hand

Lecture 13 Finishing the Hand

Lecture 14 Making a Copy of Hand and Leg

Lecture 15 Making a Helmet

Lecture 16 Working on the Tail

Lecture 17 Adding Spikes to the Tail

Lecture 18 Making the Armor

Lecture 19 Making the Chain Scarf

Lecture 20 Making the Lower Collar

Lecture 21 Making the Upper Collar

Lecture 22 Making the Pteruges

Lecture 23 Making the Belts

Lecture 24 Continue Making the Belts

Lecture 25 Refining the Belts

Lecture 26 Making the Dagger

Lecture 27 Continue Making the Dagger

Lecture 28 Refining the Dagger

Lecture 29 Making the Sword

Lecture 30 Making the Necklace

Lecture 31 Making the First Medallion

Lecture 32 Making the Second medallion

Lecture 33 Adjusting the Armor

Lecture 34 Continue Adjusting the Model

Lecture 35 Adjusting the Hands

Lecture 36 Rearranging Decorations

Section 3: Chapter 03 – Surface Sculpting

Lecture 37 Surface Sculpting

Lecture 38 Adding Details Dagger and Sword

Lecture 39 Adding Detail to the Belts

Lecture 40 Adding More Detail to the Belts

Lecture 41 Belt Metallic Parts

Lecture 42 Adding Detail to the Pteruges

Lecture 43 Armor Detail – Right Wrist

Lecture 44 Armor Detail – R Shoulder and Body

Lecture 45 Armor Detail – Left Wrist and Shoulder

Lecture 46 Adding Detail – Right Leg

Lecture 47 Using Stencils as Texture

Lecture 48 Finishing the Right Leg

Lecture 49 Adding Detail to the Right Hand

Lecture 50 Copying the Left Leg

Lecture 51 Adding Detail to the Left Hand

Lecture 52 Adjusting the Tail

Lecture 53 Adding Detail to the Tail

Lecture 54 Finishing the Tail

Lecture 55 Adjusting the Head

Lecture 56 Adding Teeth

Lecture 57 Adjusting the Teeth

Lecture 58 Adding Detail to the Face

Lecture 59 Finishing the Face

Lecture 60 Adding Detail to the Spear

Lecture 61 Finishing the Spear

Lecture 62 Mesh Cleanup

Section 4: Chapter 04 – Retopology

Lecture 63 Add Split Tool

Lecture 64 Strokes Tool

Lecture 65 Smart Retopo Tool

Lecture 66 Quads Tool

Lecture 67 Instant Mesh Tool

Lecture 68 Auto Retopo Tool

Lecture 69 Retopo the Body Parts

Lecture 70 Retopo Armor Parts

Lecture 71 Retopo Dress Parts

Lecture 72 Weapon and Jewellery Parts

Section 5: Chapter 05 – UV Mapping and Texturing

Lecture 73 UV Room

Lecture 74 Automap Tool

Lecture 75 Baking Normal Map

Lecture 76 Paint Room

Lecture 77 Paint Tools

Lecture 78 Smart Materials

Lecture 79 Making Custom Smart Materials

Lecture 80 Continue Making Materials

Lecture 81 Adding More Materials

Lecture 82 Adding Skin Material

Lecture 83 Finish Texturing and Render

Section 6: Chapter 06 – Conclusion

Lecture 84 Thank you

This course is designed for absolute 3D Coat beginners who wants to sculpt and paint inside 3d coat.





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