Udemy How To Slap Bass Like A Pro TUTORiAL

Published 10/2022
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Slap dat bass

What you’ll learn
Learn SLAP basics that helps you grow like a musician, not only bass player
Upload your playing in private Telegram Group for students of this course
If you stuck you can always send your question in telegram channel and we will try to fix it
After course you will play SLAP and can step on the next level of playing
For taking this course you MUST be able to play bass on beginner level (you know how to play simple basslines, how to hold the instrument)
This course has a unique option: Chat of community of students where you can send your question, video, get answer on your question, and get my personal feedback on your playing – that’s huge! like mini-lessons for y’all :)We start from the very basics of SLAP – how to use your thumb and play slap properly.Then we learn how to pluck or pop the string, add a ghost notes + combine those technique by playing exercises.One of the goal this course – you learn how to play slap and then create your own lines using basics of this lessons.The same pattern goes to intermediate and advanced modules.Course consists from 3 parts:- basic- intermediate- advancedThis course is the starter kit your music journey, don’t stop practicing and if you have any question – use our community chat.So, see you on the other side, link on telegram channel would be in description of lessons.Who this course is for:Bass players who tired to finding the ONE course to play SLAP Students that would like to take their bass playing to the next levelThose who think that playing SLAP BASS is cool and awesome!This course is not for those who would like to learn how to play like Marcus Miller in a dayThis course is not for heavy metal or ballad players


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Basic Slap Technique

Lecture 3 Plucking/popping the strings

Lecture 4 Ghosts notes/dead notes and how to play them

Lecture 5 Hammer/Pull technique

Lecture 6 Thumb + Pluck + Ghosts notes = music :) || Playing easy, but COOL slap lines

Lecture 7 Summary for 1 module of Slap Basic’s

Section 2: Intermediate time

Lecture 8 Double Thumb

Lecture 9 Triplets

Lecture 10 Triplets + Ghost Notes

Lecture 11 Deep dive into exercises (part 1)

Lecture 12 Deep dive into exercises (part 2)

Section 3: Advanced time

Lecture 13 Open string ideas (part 1)

Lecture 14 Open string ideas (part 2)

Beginner level who wants to play music, not just technique



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