Create Beautiful Art with A I

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Create Beautiful Art with A.I.

The “Everyone’s” guide on making A.I. Art with Midjourney and more!

What you’ll learn

Understand what AI art is, what Midjourney is, and how to leverage Discord to access Midjourney to create AI art
Express your Imagination Visually using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Learn the ins and outs of Midjourney, a text-to-image AI program
Master Midjourney’s prompt system, controlling it to fine tune your images
How to engage with the Midjourney community to push your creations even further
Elevate your creations by taking them beyond Midjourney


A Computer, Tablet, or Smart Phone
Internet connection
Email account
No artistic mastery needed!


Humans are visual. We are born creative.

But many of us specialized in areas other than art. That said, We love art. We hang art from our favorite artists on our walls. We are drawn to stunning cinematography. A well designed ad always catches our eye. We find books with imaginative art to read to our children at night. We are wired to look at things that are beautiful.

Taking what is in our head and bringing it to life however is not something most of us can do.

Enter creating art with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) ! A.I. art is a revolutionary way to quickly generate art using text prompts or simple drawing tools. “Midjourney” is an A.I. art tool that is sweeping the globe.

Literally millions of people, like you and I, are using Midjourney every day to release their concepts from their mind, onto the screen. The interface is simple to use. The low barrier to entry is perfect for everyday users.

You do not need a fancy computer. In fact, you can do it all on your phone or tablet if you wanted to!

In this course, we will explore creating A.I. art using Midjourney. We will start by setting Midjourney up using Discord, a popular real time chat application to “talk” to Midjourney. From there, we will explore the Prompt system for communicating with Midjourney. Then, we will talk about the in’s and out’s of the Midjourney prompt system to get exciting, explosively stunning images. Finally, we will wrap up by talking about ideas of where you can use those images, how to find additional resources, and even touch on other A.I. art solutions out in the market. I’ll even take you through the process I went through on a few of my pieces so you can see how I approach an image.

Want to create illustrations for a children’s book you are writing?

Want to amaze your DND group with amazing visuals of your character and campaign?

Want to get an idea for some cute bear themed cookies for your child’s next birthday party?

Want to create some stunning concept art for that indie game you always wanted to make?

Want to create a mood board for that next big fashion project you are working on?

Want to just mess around and show your friends some cool images, like making various actors as superheroes?

Midjourney can do all of that! And so much more!

There are so many exciting things you can do with what you create with A.I. art! Take the leap and I promise you, you will be happy you did.

So join me, and let’s get your first idea on the screen!
Who this course is for:

Beginners excited to channel their imagination to create breathtaking images
Professionals in various fields looking to support their craft with stunning graphics






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