Digital Art For Animation Masterclass

Published 10/2022
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Learn Background Art and Concept Art Fundamentals, from Beginner to Pro

What you’ll learn

How to become a Background Artist for Animation
Learn the Job Spec of a Professional Background Artist
Draw a Background from Imagination
Learn the Core Skillset of a Background Artist
Learn the Best Practices, the Foundation Skills and the Principles of Good Design
Learn the Role of a Background Artist in the Animation Studio
Draw a Layout of a Background
Paint a Final Background for a Scene in an Animated Movie
Learn the Principles that govern good design for Background Art
Define and Apply the exact Foundation Skillset that you need to be a Background Artist

You’ll need to have a digital painting app like Photoshop

You’ll need to have a drawing tablet and stylus like a Wacom

Digital Art, Concept Art, Digital PaintingAll of these terms filter into one exciting career path: one where You become a Background Artist for Animation Do you want to work in Animation? Do you want to be a Digital Artist creating imaginative worlds, backgrounds and environments? As a Digital Artist or Background Artist for Animation, you get to make awesome digital painting, concept art and illustrations for an animated film or a show. And the job is easy once you know the fundamentals of drawing and painting, and the core principles of good design. Join me in this course, and learn how Background Art for Animation is the most exciting sector in the Animation industry, the best job to land in an animation studio, and a career that is easily accessible to you with the right portfolio. In this course you will learn:• The exact job of a Background Artist: what you will be doing every day if you get hired in an animation studio• The Design Principles that will ensure you ALWAYS make great looking Background Art• The core skillset of a Digital Artist – visual development, drawing skills and painting skills• Where Background Art fits in the Animation Production pipleine• How to set up your files for professional industry standards in animationAnd all of that is just in the first section. In the second section of this course, with all of that practical knowledge under your belt, you will put all of it to use and create a fully finished Background Art piece that you can have in your Portfolio! You’ll get to draw a fully finished LAYOUT drawing based on the principles of design covered in the first section. Then, I’ll walk you through the entire painting process and share the tips and techniques that I have used for over 15 years as a professional background artist.By the end of this course you’ll have two major, important pieces for your portfolio. You’ll be able to show these to prospective clients or studios. My goal here is not just to teach you the skilset of a digital artist, but to support you along the next steps towards becoming a professional background artist for animation.





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