Python for Undergraduates with Lab Sessions

Published 10/2022
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Python programming explained with Lab sessions

What you’ll learn
Students will learn the basics of Python Language
Learn how to implement hands on lab session assignments
Students will learn how to make use of online resources already available online
Become comfortable with Python coding

No specific requirements. Good to have any programming language prior knowledge

This course is specifically for under graduates who are pursuing Python programming language. The lab session problem definitions are from one of the Universities prescribed syllabus. There are several downloadable resources for further exploration and study. We start with very basics like Anaconda, VS Code IDE, IDLE, Python Shell then move on to advanced topics for under graduates. However, this course is targeted for university UG students. All the lab assignments are from one of the Universities in India. Solved assignments are given in the respective lectures just in case students want to refer them, modify them or enhance them for further studies. Every attempt is made to teach python at basic level however it is not very basic that is to prevent remaining students from losing interest in the lecture Videos. Instructor tries to inculcate best practice among students at early stage so that they are Industry ready. Standard documentation is referred at every stage so that students know where to look for help and resources. This early adaptation helps the students at later stages. Instructor recommends students not to rush through the Videos and practice at the end of each session to get hands on.

Last but not least, instructor wishes good luck to students and enjoyable learning

Who this course is for
Undergraduates. Lab sessions are implemented from the syllabus of one University






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