Making Apps With Mit App Inventor

Published 10/2022
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Learn how applications are created from fundamentals using block coding, and create apps to test your knowledge

What you’ll learn

Learn how to build apps using Scratch coding
Introduction to Game Development
Learn how to use conditional statements
Learn basic coding concepts such as variables, if-statements and databases

No programming experience required

Requires a computer with an internet connection

App Inventor lets you develop applications for phones using a web browser and either the connected phone or emulator. The App Inventor servers store your work and help you keep track of your projects. You build apps by working with: The App Inventor Designer, where you select the components for your app. This course focuses on the use of block-based coding.The course is structured in the following way:In this course, you will be introduced to apps, what they can do, and a brief history of their development. You will also set up the emulator and set up an account.Next, you will be introduced to the designer and block editor, and learn to add text and images. Then you will use this knowledge to complete the colour button activity.You will then learn to set screen properties, add a canvas, and utilize when-statements. This will conclude with the creation of an app with a bouncing ball.Next, you will learn about layout, how to upload media files, and how to use procedure code blocks. You will use this knowledge to create a piano app.The next project you will create will be the Find The Gold app. In this project you will learn about image sprite components, the cartesian coordinate system, If/If-then-else blocks, notifiers, and resolution on different displays.The Next project will be the Food Chase Game. This project will teach you how to use If-statements for collision, variables, and a tiny database for high scores.The second-last project will be the ladybug chase game. This project will teach you to use many different game mechanics in the app inventor. These are energy levels, game-overs, restarting the game, and sound effects.Finally, you will create the Quizlet app. This project will introduce you to lists, iterating through questions, switching images, and checking the user’s data.






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