Sonixinema Hang Drum Freebie KONTAKT

FREE | 27 October 2022 | 460 MB
Beautiful, Characterful, One of a Kind
Hang Drum is an instrument that we had always wanted to record, due to its unique design and beautiful, rich tone. After discovering Marc Constantine, we knew he was the man for the job. Marc is a musician that plays the hang like no one else – a virtuoso and an innovator, his creative approach and sheer musicality brings his performances on Hang to an unparalleled level. After long talks about ideas and the potential for the sample library, we knew that we had to go all in and capture everything that we could, to make this the most detailed and comprehensive set of Hang samples on the market.

To capture the rich and delicate tone of Marc’s Hang Drums, we decided to choose a wonderful, spacious room in The Nave, a studio in the north of England which was converted from an old church. The high ceilings and rich acoustic gives life to the sound of the Hang and offered us the chance to capture a wide range of microphone perspectives, from very close and intimate to distant and ethereal.

The full version of the libary features a variety of articulations such as Single Hits, Muted Hits and Tremolo, however it is what we captured next which truly brings the library to life. In collaboration with Marc, we curated a range of unique and inspiring articulations, some of which aren’t featured in any other sample libraries. These include Flams, Knuckle Wraps, Harmonics, Pitch Bends, Spinning Hang and much more. These sounds add a whole new creative dimension to the Hang Drum, allowing you to have direct access to the tone and creative flair that Marc has spent years developing. We wanted to create a library that can truly enrich scores and bring an amazingly raw and lifelike sound which is usually unachievable with samples.



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