Build Professional Real World C Application

Published 10/2022
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Learn how to build a console application to automate tasks and reuse over and over again for work projects

What you’ll learn

Console Applications
Clean Code
Automating Tasks
Csv parsing

No experience needed

This is a course that will benefit everyone but it would be helpful if you had basic knowledge of databases, C# and logging, but it is not necessary, Are you tried of 40 hour courses where you do not retain most of it and cannot use most of it in your work? Well here is a course that lets you create a useful project you can actually use over and over and over.Shiny web applications are not the only useful software around, in fact you will probably spend more time creating smaller applications to perform automated tasks and why not learn how to and have a base project you can use over and over gain while you are at it. Not only that but you get to create a CSV Parser and this is one of the most common small and larger projects in the workplace.See what real world programming is and see how to manage and solve problems and mistakes. Do not try to remember endless syntax, instead learn how to ask the right questions to get the right answers.We include how to use logging, performant ADO . NET, notification services, CSV parsing using CSV helper which is very popular, database design and creation and learn how to create clean expressive code.You will truly tested with this project and you will see exciting challenges coming. Can you handle it? Can you? Well then enrol and lets get this journey started.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Create database

Lecture 2 Create project

Lecture 3 Configure connection string

Lecture 4 Database connection

Lecture 5 Dummy data

Lecture 6 Insert data

Lecture 7 Insert Data 2

Lecture 8 Download File

Lecture 9 Check if row exists before insert

Lecture 10 Parse Csv Part 1

Lecture 11 Parse CSV Part 2

Lecture 12 Refactor, clean up and test

Lecture 13 Generate output

Lecture 14 Fix Bug

Lecture 15 Setting Logging

Lecture 16 Implement and test logging

Lecture 17 Automated Task

Lecture 18 Refactor, cleanup and finish project







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