Udemy Ultimate Lead Guitar Techniques TUTORiAL

P2P | 28 October 2022 | 6.25 GB

– Do you understand a little about playing guitar solos, but get lost when it comes to emulating the techniques, skills and sounds of your favourite guitarists?

– Would you like to get your head around learning triads, arpeggios, tapping, string skipping, bends, harmonics, slides, alternate picking drills and a ton more?

– Can you see yourself learning how your guitar hero’s compose and tackle these incredible solos they play?

– Is there a desire in you to step out of the comfort zone and take your guitar playing several stages further?

– Can you picture yourself playing lead guitar for AC/DC, Metallica, Led Zeppelin or like Van Halen, Gilmour, Malmsteen or Steve Vai?

Well all of the above may be easier than you think. Let me tell you how…

ULTIMATE LEAD GUITAR TECHNIQUES is structured in such a way that it feels like one on one guitar lessons.

When learning to play lead guitar we start simply with Hammer ons, Pull offs and Slides used in creative ways, before ending the course with harder techniques – hybrid picking and string skipping arpeggios with tapping etc.

The course also has a huge 32 bar guitar solo to learn, at the end, featuring all the techniques from the course back to back. It is truly challenging, sounds awesome and it’s laid out in a way that flows logically without random fluff. A great test of your ability after completion of the course and an achievement nobody will be able to ignore

Every lesson has a detailed breakdown of the techniques, whether it is string skipping arpeggios with tapping or bends and vibrato using twin HD camera angles. You also have TAB on screen and printable PDF’s. Additionally there are note maps, scale maps, triad explanations and other documents on screen and printable.

As always we also have the well-loved multi-speed jam tracks, with normal speed, slow and slower. These keep the lessons inclusive for all abilities and ensure nobody is left behind.

Many of our favourite guitarists are known and loved for techniques they embody and shine through, for example: David Gilmour – bends and vibrato, Angus Young – great riffs, blues licks and the iconic open string intro to Thunderstruck, Joe Satriani – expert legato, Steve Vai – slipping and sliding around the fretboard making strange and beautiful melodies, Van Halen – the master of tapping and tapped harmonics, Mark Knopler – skilled hybrid picking, Gary Moore – Blues maestro, hard rocker and vibrato king, Zakk Wylde – speed and vibrato, Paul Gilbert – speed, string skipping arpeggios, Yngwie Malmsteen – speed, sweep picking and pedal tones, Andy James – Arpeggios based licks, economy picking and alternate picking, Micheal Schenker, Al di Meola, Frank Gambale etc etc.. If you want to learn to play lead guitar like these ‘greats’ then you are in the right place.

In this course we cover all these techniques and more. We will cover hammer ons, pull offs, bends, slides, legato, vibrato, picking sequences in quadruplets, triplets and 2’s, hybrid picking, sweep picking, economy picking, triads and arpeggios (also how to form them and move them around), string skipping, tapping, harmonics, pedal tones, tapped harmonics, string skipping legato with tapping and more!

You will also be learning and understanding how to write your own lead guitar parts with all the scales, triads, arpeggios and patterns you will be learning.

The course is huge, with 24 lessons and a huge guitar solo section. We are clocking in at around 5 hours of video and all jam tracks downloadable and all TABS also.

I look forward to you having you join me now on the inside!



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