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P2P | 29 October 2022 | 3.02 GB
Training the voice means learning to strengthen and coordinate the muscles of the larynx to achieve an even tone quality and get rid of constrictions. Every serious trainer wants to ensure that their clients voice have move from bad to good and from good to best but it does not come easily its comes by deed of hard work, discipline, consistency and persistence this alone will give one a unique voice. Every vocal register is characterized by different degrees of engagement of these muscles and different resonance qualities. The most dangerous portion of training the voice is only learning to copy someone voice, this to me is a bad practice because you cannot become a superstar by just imitating somebody you need your own unique selling propositions or in music the signature voice, that can identify you with your unique style and skills.

One thing that every singer and trainer is very mindful of is our breath control, in fact sometimes if somebody is singing and you are even not a singer you can identify that this person is struggling to sing. Breathing exercises can help to center and relax singers warm up your vocal instrument prior to performance and are fantastic in enabling a calm mindset. Your singing practice or career should be based on carefulness to ensure that you are always in shape, in terms of voice and posture, Your health is very central to the success of your voice or your career, Do not smoke, the implication of smoking is so bad to any singer, because it affect your total body mechanism and even how to gain stamina to sing well with strength an agility, try as much as possible to avoid thing or beverages that are associated with caffeine. Always get a good sleep and concentrate on the work.



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