A Course on the VLOOKUP XLOOKUP Functions in Excel


Instructors: Kathryn Tilley
20 sections • 20 lectures • 1h 52m
Video: MP4 1280×720 44 KHz | English + Sub
Updated 10/2022 | Size: 1.1 GB

A course for complete beginners on what the VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP functions are, and how to use them in Excel

What you’ll learn
How to use VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP
Some rules to follow when using VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP
How to use Wildcards with each function
Learn what match_mode is and how to use it with XLOOKUP
Learn what search_mode is and hwo to use it with XLOOKUP
How to use range_lookup TRUE and FALSE with VLOOKUP
How to change the #NA error with both functions

You’ll need a copy of Microsoft Excel

Hello and welcome to this course on the VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP functions in Excel.

In this course, we shall go through the VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP functions in Excel to have a look at what they are, how to use them and some examples of using each. VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP are handy built-in functions in Excel that are used to find and retrieve information from datasets or tables. Throughout this course, I assume you have absolutely no knowledge of Excel or even spreadsheets in general, so I take you right from the start and describe each step in terms you will understand. We will have a look at each section of the VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP syntax as well as looking at examples with each. Some of the sections we cover in the course are

The syntax of each function

Exact matching and approximate matching



Rules to follow to avoid common errors

NA Errors

Using wildcards with each function

Using the insert function option

Using the functions across different tabs and spreadsheets

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn what the VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP functions are and how to use them. You may have been using VLOOKUP for years but are ready to find out what XLOOKUP can do for you instead, or you may just want refreshers on using both of these functions.

Who this course is for
This course is for anyone that wants to learn what VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP are
It’s for complete beginners and even more advanced spreadsheet users






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