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Learn to Play Triads and Arpeggios on Guitar for Rock Music, Pop, Neo-Classical and Blues/Jazz.

What you’ll learn
Possess a solid knowledge of all Major and Minor arpeggios and how to apply them, diatonically up and down the guitar neck in a context of real music
Construct melodies and solos related to chords.
Perform arpeggios all over the fretboard.
Understand which arpeggios go over which chords
Play awesome jazz, pop, rock and neo -classical techniques
Construct Arpeggios from scratch with complete understanding of the theory
Play Triads and Chords all over the neck
Jam arpeggios in several styles
an easy way to learn arpeggios on guitar for jazz, rock, blues and metal
PC, Guitar, Speakers or Headphones and Printer if wanting to hard copy PDFs
Willingness to apply oneself from start to finish for a full understanding of concepts
A little guitar experience will go a long way, though not completely necessary
Hey all GuitarJoolz here and welcome to my latest course “Arpeggios for Guitar made Easy”. Here you will find an easy way to learn arpeggios on guitar. By starting with triads and building upon them and adding them slowly to you guitar playing with the aid of exercises and jam tracks.Arpeggios are basically chord patterns where the notes are played separately. This makes them so useful and essential for learning chords in different positions along the guitar neck, for understanding what notes to target in a guitar solo and also for creating ear pleasing melodies and licks. You can learn to play arpeggios all over the guitar neck more easily than most think. It is not a subject that can be covered in a 20 minute section of an “all in one guitar course”. It’s a whole course, hence this one is 3 hours long, covers major, minor and touches on diminished/sevenths. I have carefully structured the course as you would in a “real” learning scenario, nothing is left out, there is no guess work and you will learn methodically, a little at a time until you fully understand the concepts. The subject is covered in total detail and you are also shown how to construct all of the patterns, with tab, note charts, interval charts, octave patterns, MP3 jam tracks all on screen and with downloads too!You’ll be learning arpeggios that can be used for jazz, blues, rock, metal, pop etcThere are many techniques in the course, ones you will be able to apply musically; triplet and quadruplets patterns, all major and minor patterns and their inversions up and down the neck in 3,4,5 note per string patterns (i don’t just give you the shapes! You have a strict regime to apply to a jam track that can be used in real life), arpeggio patterns following chord progressions, rock soloing ideas, neo-classical techniques, sweeps and pedal points, jazz ideas with passing tones, diminished and seventh shapes and also chordal ideas in the style of Rock and Pop bands such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Kings of Leon, Strokes etc.If you are questioning, “Is this course for me”? Well, it’s for everyone, it assumes one has no knowledge of arpeggios at all and slowly shows all the steps needed to become advanced in their application. The course is not aimed solely at rock or jazz guitarists, its for everyone to apply these awesome techniques! Comprehensive explanations, clear examples, and slow breakdown (with on screen TAB and Standard Notation) in full HD closeups make it impossible not to have success! This course is about the learner, not the instructor and i don’t play a load of fancy licks to show off my skills and then say “now you try after downloading a tab”! It’s complete, structured and learner focussed.Take this course if;- You want to fully comprehend TRIADS, one of the most important building blocks of all guitar playing.- You want to understand how to play chords everywhere and want to be able to do it without the CAGED system.- You don’t know where to start with guitar soloing and melody creation and learn to play arpeggios on guitar for both rhythm and lead work.- You are stuck in a rut with your playing and want to add some ‘spice’ to your licks.- You want to understand the fundamentals of sweep picked arpeggios.- You can play arpeggios but don’t know how to apply or construct anything with them.- You simply want to learn some fancy licks!- You play music that requires twin guitar parts- You want to understand the concepts of music harmony and triad construction.- You like structure, jam tracks, full tab and a course that actually feels like having private lessons from a time served and dedicated guitar teacher.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: What are arpeggios

Lecture 2 What are arpeggios

Section 3: Notes, Octaves and Intervals

Lecture 3 Notes, Octaves and Intervals

Section 4: Arpeggios Patterns over 3 Strings

Lecture 4 3 String Patterns

Section 5: Triads in Action

Lecture 5 Triads in Action

Section 6: Making Things Musical

Lecture 6 Making Things Musical

Section 7: Study Section in 16 Parts with Jam Tracks

Lecture 7 Study 1

Lecture 8 Study 2

Lecture 9 Study 3

Lecture 10 Study 4

Lecture 11 Study 5

Lecture 12 Study 6

Lecture 13 Study 7

Lecture 14 Study 8

Lecture 15 Study 9

Lecture 16 Study 10

Lecture 17 Study 11

Lecture 18 Study 12

Lecture 19 Full 5 String Shapes

Lecture 20 Study 13

Lecture 21 Study 14

Lecture 22 Study 15

Lecture 23 Study 16

Guitarists wanting to learn and, more importantly “understand and use” arpeggios,Those of you who want to break out of the same tired old patterns,Guitarists who want to open up and understand the entire fretboard,Those wanting freedom up and down the guitar neck,Anyone that wants to understand how target the “right” notes and/or create harmony

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