Learn Artificial Intelligence by Creating JARVIS in Python

Learn Artificial Intelligence by Creating JARVIS in Python

Published 10/2022
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How cool it would be to have your own Voice Assistant that makes it’s own real-time decisions? Create one yourself!

What you’ll learn
Python Programming Language Basics.
Neural Network Basics.
Deep Learning Basics.
Automating Your Daily Tasks With Python.
Creating a Real A.I That Makes It’s Own Decisions.

All You Need Is Some Motivation, Computer With Windows And You’re Good To Go!

In this course you will learn how to create an A.I Voice Assistant that makes it’s own decisions from SCRATCH. We are going to use Python 3 programming language and we are going to create various tasks for our program to execute. Every task will be controlled by voice. Whole Assistant is going to be driven by two different A.I models and even those will be created by us using two different datasets. The best part is that you don’t need any programming knowledge to start and by the time you finish, you will pick up some basic and intermediate programming knowledge from this course.

Our Assistant will be able to

1. Decide by itself what we are asking it to do.

2. Recognize which sounds are environmental ones and which sounds are the commands.

3. Handle any error that occurs in the program while running. This will work like a “bullet-proof” corpus to save our program from crashing.

4. Execute multiple tasks at once.

5. Tell the current time, day, month and date.

6. Play YouTube videos.

7. Play any song on your computer.

8. Execute shutdown, restart or sleep commands on your computer.

9. Close applications.

10. Search on Google.

11. Find information on Wikipedia.

12. Tell the news based on a wanted topic.

13. Tell the current weather.

14. Host mini-games like blackjack and guess-based mini-games that we are going to create by ourselves.

15. Create reminders and remind when asked.

16. Open applications which are in your OS system’s path.

17. Take and save screenshots.

18. Read your wanted text for you.

And more…

So what are you waiting for? Enroll now!

Who this course is for
Friendly For Total Beginners.
For Anyone Who Has Some Experience With Python, But Wants To Learn A.I.






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