Model Your Low Poly Room In Blender 3 3

Published 10/2022
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Use Blender to Create 3D worlds. Create models for Video Games, 3D Printing, NFT’s & More. Beginners Level Course

What you’ll learn

Use Blender and understand it’s interface
Create 3D models with simple colors
Understand the principles of modelling
How to render your model

No previous experience with 3D modelling or Blender is required.

Do you want to start your 3d path, make it your main income, and be the best artist in the industry, etc etc. and you’re looking for the best blender course to start off?Maybe you’ve on your way and want to create something more advanced but not too complex.Well, If yes then go ahead and enroll in my course where together with me, you will create this amazing low poly room.Firstly we will start with a basic introduction to the blender interface and I will show how things are set there.After we will move to our modeling section where we begin to model our room starting with primitive shapes. In modeling, we will learn how to model different things such as cables, mouse and keyboard, blankets with clothes in the drawer, and many others.In the texturing part, we will add colors to our models, also I will show you how to add PBR materials and how to make our objects glow by adding emission materials.In the last part will be setting a default 3-point light and will show you basic render settings.And at the end of this course, you will have your own modeled low poly room.See you on the course!

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Modeling

Lecture 2 Modeling Part 1

Lecture 3 Modeling Part 2

Lecture 4 Modeling Part 3

Lecture 5 Modeling Part 4

Section 3: Texturing

Lecture 6 Texturing Part 1

Lecture 7 Texturing Part 2

Section 4: Rendering

Lecture 8 Lights and render

Complete beginners who are looking to learn something new.






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