Purafied Liquid Death Snare v1 0 2 Regged WIN macOS FLARE

Team FLARE | 30 October 2022 | WIN: 169 MB | macOS: 205 MB

An answer to the question: How big can it get?
Liquid Death worked with SJC Drums to manifest pure aggression into a snare… then (foolishly) sent one to producer Sam Pura. Known for already having some of the most colossal snare sounds, Sam then recorded over 500 samples and brought into existence the heaviest snare plugin ever released. Never again will producers wonder how they can make their drums hit harder; in fact, we put volume faders on each microphone just in case you get intimidated by the samples. Download at your own risk.

*Note: Many sticks were harmed in the making of this plugin.

This plugin is labelled as “free” on the manufactures website but requires the user to make an account to acquire a license key.

We’ve included a few to save time.



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