Synopsys PrimeTime vO 2018 06 SP1

Synopsys PrimeTime vO-2018.06-SP1
Synopsys PrimeTime vO-2018.06-SP1 | 1.1 Gb

Synopsys, Inc., the world leader in semiconductor design software, is pleased to announce the availability of PrimeTime vO-2018.06-SP1 is a full-chip, gate-level static timing analysis tool targeted for complex multimillion-gate designs.

PrimeTime is the industry-leading sign-off tool at semiconductor companies worldwide – including Fujitsu, Hitachi, LSI Logic, NEC, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and TAEC. PrimeTime’s integration into logical and physical design flows enables quick debugging of complex timing problems and speeds timing closure.
The PrimeTime Suite delivers fast, memory-efficient scalar and multicore computing, distributed multi-scenario analysis and ECO fixing using POCV and variation-aware modeling. It delivers PrimeSim HSPICE accurate signoff analysis that helps pinpoint problems prior to chip tapeout thereby reducing risk, ensuring design integrity, and lowering the cost of design. This industry gold-standard improves your team’s productivity by delivering fast turnaround to shave precious time from development schedules for large and small designs while ensuring first-pass silicon success through greater predictability and the highest accuracy. The solution is scalable to handle the largest chips imaginable with distributed analysis, scalable architecture and hierarchical methodology.

Synopsys, Inc. is the world leader in electronic design automation (EDA) software for semiconductor design. The company delivers technology-leading semiconductor design and verification platforms and IC manufacturing software products to the global electronics market, enabling the development and production of complex systems-on-chips (SoCs). Synopsys also provides intellectual property and design services to simplify the design process and accelerate time-to-market for its customers. Synopsys is headquartered in Mountain View, California and has offices in more than 60 locations throughout North America, Europe, Japan and Asia.

Product: Synopsys PrimeTime
Version: vO-2018.06-SP1
Supported Architectures: x86_64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Linux *
Size: 1.1 Gb

Synopsys PrimeTime vO-2018.06-SP1






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