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The 21 Steps Beginner Guitar Course is suitable for everyone. It works on for electric and acoustic guitar and has all you need to start learning guitar. With elements of Rock, Blues and Pop Music, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar and tons of great tracks to learn (all supplied at 3 different speeds), it’s a whole bunch of fun and an extremely effective set of guitar lessons.

So let me start by asking you a question or two…

Have you tried to learn guitar before?

Maybe you want to learn but don’t know where to start?

Does is look too difficult or did you start playing guitar and quit?

Possibly you were introduced to an old school method that wasn’t effective… You know the drill, play an E major chord, then a strumming pattern and then change to the next chord. Sounds easy, but it’s not when you first start learning guitar.

This approach puts people off guitar immediately.
It’s frustrating, painful and boring. It can be a nightmare, especially as you have only just picked up a guitar, held a plectrum for two minutes and learned your string names. Coordinating two hands, keeping all the fingers on the strings and in the right frets etc. And then trying to change to the next chord it easier said than done.

In fact 90% of beginner guitarists give up for many of these reasons. The 21 Steps Beginners Guitar Course is designed to give you 100% chance of succeeding.

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