Udemy Pure Modal Magic A Complete Guitar Scales And Modes Kit TUTORiAL

P2P | 30 October 2022 | 1.35 GB
Learning guitar scales and the modes on guitar can be daunting to the aspiring guitarist of any style—Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz— many get confused and do not bother to learn them properly, let alone use them to their full capacity.

But I assure you, Learning the modes on your guitar can be easy when it is broken down slowly, carefully by a guitar teacher who knows what they are doing.

The course starts by assuming the student has no understanding of the notes of the guitar neck and may not have had guitar lessons before. We then learn the modes for guitar in a simple 3 note per string fashion which is easy to digest.

Formulas are taught to construct all 7 scales/modes and interval spellings are shown with a full explanation of the interval system and how it relates to the notes of the neck. Obviously are Major and Minor Scales are introduced and explored in these video guitar lessons, as they are the backbone of the modal system.

Chords are also shown for each mode so the student can get to grips with the chord scale too! 7 solos in full HD video and 7 Rhythm tracks are taught with full on screen materials and close ups. PDFs are also supplied for download. Nothing is left to chance in this course, all bases are covered and using the modes will seem so easy that you may wonder why they never did this sooner.

You’ll soon understand how your favourite guitarists play such interesting solos, get a peak at a whole musical palette of new sounds to colour your guitar playing. Whether you play Rock guitar, Blues guitar, Pop guitar, Funk guitar, Jazz guitar etc, and whether or not your have had guitar lessons before or not, this course will leave nothing to the imagination.

A practical and enjoyable solution for learning all the modes on your guitar, no more mystery!



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