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Team R2R | 2022.10.30 | 12.24 MB
Prepare for drum destruction! We couldn’t be more proud of this multi-effect plugin and our collaboration with superstar Norwegian producer K-391. This ground-shaking drum processor takes your beats and runs them through intense effects, resulting in transformations that will blow your listeners away. Combining multiple parameters to create punch, weight, depth and attitude, this plugin is your new secret weapon in the fight for distinctive drums. Bespoke split-frequency routing combines specific effects for low and high frequency bands, for unparalleled control over drum shaping and deformation. Whether you need snare shaping or colossal kicks, Put Me On Drums can turn up the heat with simple controls and a range of transformative presets.

K-391 The Producer

Through sweeping soundscapes and genre-bending compositions, K-391’s musical universe is the soundtrack to engaging narratives. With more than a million followers online and recently surpassing 300 million audio and video streams, K-391 is a force to be reckoned with. The artist explains, “My goal has always been to make better music, and hopefully let people feel that. That’s why we developed this plugin, which instantly makes your drum sound better. Spice up, enhance, or tune your drums for the perfect fit to your track. But of course you can also put it on guitars, vocals or bass. It doesn’t matter as long it sounds good, right?”

Low & High Frequency Split

The main concept behind Put Me On Drums is in the way it splits audio into high and low frequency modules for independent processing. Adjust the crossover from 20Hz to 20kHz to find the perfect mid-point for your drum processing, with different effects applied to each of the frequency bands.

Low Module

Controls for the low frequency band include Belly, Punch, Sub Tail, Length and EQ adjustments. Saturate your low end with “Belly” and control the transient level sent into the saturator with “Punch”. Drum characteristics can be tweaked and tails extended with the “Sub Tail” button and “Length” dial, making 808s shine with upper harmonics or kicks ring out for longer. Focus the processing on a particular band, or notch out problematic frequencies with the EQ controls.

High Module

Controls for the high frequency band include Frequency Shifter, Dimension, Width and EQ adjustments. This plugin makes it easy to shape the upper frequencies of hi-hats and snares, using a clever combination of formant shifting additional voices. Select your target frequency with the “Frequency Shifter” dial, then control the overall formant feel with the “Shift” knob. This makes it easy to retune high percussion to fit with the key of your track, or just push the harmonic content a little more for shimmer and sparkle. Spread the dimension effect around the stereo field with the “Width” control and focus top-end processing on a particular band with EQ adjustments.

Compare & Contrast

With two profiles, A & B, it’s easy to compare presets or your own tweaks. Copy and paste between the two profiles and select each with a single click, to analyse changes to your adjustments, fine-tuning each until you reach the perfect settings. If you make a mistake, or want to go back to previous settings, just use the Undo & Redo buttons, or Randomize for a fresh and unexpected take on drum processing.

Mix & Balance

With independent gain controls for Input and Output, plus a master Mix ratio dial for parallel processing, you can use Put Me On Drums for either small surgical changes or dynamic destruction. The master Limiter toggle smooths out the dynamics of the outgoing audio and the output level slider allows you to set a level for accurate A/Bing with the pop-free Power control.

Visual Feedback

The live frequency display at the top of the interface shows exactly what’s happening to the signal as it’s being processed in real time. Simply drag the frequency crossover to shift the perspective between high and low modules. Visually monitor what’s happening each time you make a parameter change, with precision and accuracy.

Further Options

Right-click the plugin interface to open up many other options, including oversampling, scalable interface zoom, documentation, licensing, support and more.


With many included factory and artist presets, it’s easy to find the perfect starting point for your own bespoke drum processing. Tailored to specific percussion and mix characteristics, these factory options can be used to quickly cycle through parameter snapshots. The presets include everything from cleaning hi-hats to giving kicks and snares added bite and punch.



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