MATLAB Simulink From Zero to Hero 2022

Published 10/2022
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An Introduction to MATLAB & Simulink

What you’ll learn
Delve into beginner & advanced level skills of coding with MATLAB
Create a portfolio of small MATLAB projects to be ready for your thesis or job
Develop hands-on experience with MATLAB for visualising, analysing and solving problems using MATLAB
Get Started with Simulink to solve basic problems

No prior programming experience needed

MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a programming and numeric computing platform used by millions of engineers and scientists to analyse data, develop algorithms, and create models. Simulink is a graphical, block-oriented extension to MATLAB for modelling and simulation of dynamical systems.

I can confidently say that this MATLAB & Simulink introduction is one of the most comprehensive courses online which will take from Zero to Hero in no time. This course is designed for people with no prior knowledge of MATLAB & Simulink or who have used these tools in the past and want to refresh their skills.

By taking this course, you will become a good MATLAB programmer and will be able to transfer learned knowledge to other areas in your thesis, studies or job and use both tools professionally. I have taught 100s of students during my studies and across the world and learned what it needs to have a great but crisp intro to theses topics without any added fluff or make this a 20-30 hour course which keeps you sucked in for a long time!

I am very confident that you will like the course and get up to speed with MATLAB & Simulink in no time!

This course will transform you from a MATLAB Noob into a MATLAB Pro.

The course is structured in a way that is suitable for both beginners and those that already have some experience with MATLAB or Simulink.

You will learn

Variables – Everything you need to know about variables and getting started to create them in MATLAB and how to communicate results back from Simulink to MATLAB

Basic Arithmetic Operations – We will focus on the order of operations, symbolic mathematics, and how to not fall into any traps when trying to get started with the language

Vectors & Matrices – The lifeblood of MATLAB! I will teach you how to perform various different operations with vectors and matrices such as concatenating vectors, extracting or selecting subvectors, and much more

Data Visualisation & Plots – Knowing how to plot your data in order to understand it is essential!

And you will have some quizzes and exercises to solidify your knowledge in the beginning to make sure you get the hang of it

and much more…

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

MATLAB installed on your PC (MacOS, Linux or Windows) – a demo license works too

No Prior Coding Knowledge is Required

The will to become better at MATLAB and Simulink

Who this course is for

Students working on their thesis or who are preparing for an internship

Academics & Researchers

(Mechanical) Engineers

Anyone who would like to level up his skills in MATLAB & Simulink

Who this course is for
Beginners who want to delve into coding
People who are familiar with programming but want to learn more about MATLAB & Simulink
Scientists who want to prepare for their thesis or job






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