Adobe Substance 3D Stager v1 3 1 x64

Adobe Substance 3D Stager 是一款先进的搭建工具,可使用实时3D 虚拟化和高质量渲染创建3D 场景。


是您专属的功能完备的虚拟工作室。在这个直观的布局工具中轻松构建和组装 3D 场景,设置 3D 资产、材质、灯光和相机,导出影像并共享到 Web 和 AR 等媒介。


Substance 3D Stager 助力您根据情景作出创意决策。实时调整并优化构图。可视化并编辑具有复杂照明和阴影的高级材质。(带有 Apple M1 芯片的 Mac 上尚不支持 Stager)


使用快速高效的智能工具构建逼真的 3D 场景。遮蔽形状,捕捉元素,激活物理等功能实现规避模型间碰撞干涉,并生成常用物理灯光。


Substance 3D Stager 自带模型、材质和光照,助您开启 3D 创作之旅。您还可以使用订阅账号中的下载权限,探索使用 Substance 3D 资产库中由世界一流艺术家创作的 3D 资产。

x64 | File Size: 1.58 GB
Substance 3D Stager a professional staging tool for scene design and rendering.
Import content, arrange your scene, apply materials and textures, adjust both image-based and physical lighting, save cameras with different resolutions, and render photorealistic imagery – all in Stager!

Work on your final image.
Substance 3D Stager lets you make creative decisions in context. Refine and adjust your composition in real time. Visualize and edit advanced materials with complex lighting and shadows. (Stager is not yet available on Macs with Apple M1 chips.)

Tools to flesh out your ideas.
Build your realistic 3D scenes with quick and efficient smart tools. Block out shapes, snap elements, activate physics to avoid collisions between models, and generate simple lights.

Access a vast network of resources.
Stager comes with models, materials, and lights to get started. Or explore and use the thousands of high-end assets made by our 3D experts and included with your Substance 3D Collection plan.

Connect to your 3D toolset.
Leverage the full power of Creative Cloud: import elements from Modeler, Painter, Designer, and Sampler. Edit images in Illustrator and Photoshop, and instantly see your modifications in Stager.

Lighting made easy
Enhance your lighting with the environment light editor or add physical 3D lights to your scene for advanced lighting design.

Diverse format support
Enjoy support for an array of formats from CAD (for enterprise customers) to USD and glTF, as well as parametric Substance materials, lights, and models.

Physics awareness
Set up realistic collisions between objects during positioning and transformation.

Project showcase
Import your Painter projects into Stager with a single click and pick up where you left off.

Interactive workspace
Switch between real-time rendering and interactive path tracing while keeping a high visual quality.

System Requirements:
OS: Windows 10 (64bit)
CPU:Intel Core i7/AMD Ryzen 7
GPU:Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060/Nvidia Quadro P2200/AMD Radeon RX 580
Hard drive: 30 GB SSD

Adobe Substance 3D Stager v1.0.0 (x64)






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