CAMWorks 2022 SP2 x64 for Solid Edge 2021 2022

File Size: 2 GB

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)Works is a module for creating control programs for CNC machines. Programming of milling, turning, turn-milling and wire erosion processing by means of the CAMWorks module.

* The CAMWorks module allows you to create programs for milling, turning, turn-milling and wire erosion. The following types of machines are supported: Milling with simultaneous control of two ? five axes;
* Turning one- and two-spindle, with one or two calipers, with program-controlled auxiliary mechanisms (tailstocks, lunettes, parts catchers …);
* Turning and milling one- and two-spindle, with one or two calipers, with program-controlled auxiliary mechanisms, with simultaneous control of two? five axes;
* Erosion two- and four-axis.

Processing is carried out directly in the Solid Edge environment and directly on the Solid Edge model. The programmer’s work is saved in the same Solid Edge part or assembly model. This ensures that the model and toolpaths are fully associative, resulting in automatic updates of all toolpaths when changes are made to the model. When adding any technological data to the Solid Edge model, such as roughness designations, bases, tolerances of the shape and location of surfaces, dimensional tolerances, the technologist-programmer always has direct access to them, which makes it easier to select the scheme for basing the part on the machine and select the necessary to ensure the specified quality of the tool part and cutting conditions. The part can be easily adapted to the processing needs by, for example, elimination of geometry elements that are unnecessary from the point of view of processing or by recalculating the performance dimensions of the model in the middle of the tolerance field. In the Solid Edge assembly mode, you can perform joint processing of several parts, program the processing of a series of parts, or simply completely simulate the entire real situation on the machine table – all tooling, a workpiece of any complexity, and so on – to most fully take into account the realities of processing already at the earliest stages of program creation

-Solid Edge 2021-2022







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