Face recognition from SQL Database using C

Published 11/2022
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Face recognition using OPENCV concepts from SQL Database using C#

What you’ll learn
In this course student will learn how to create database connection and make tables.
Student will learn to capture face image and save face information to database server.
Student will also learn how to retrieve images from database.
They will learn to compare the list of retrieved images from database to capture image and recognize the user present in the scene.
Face Recognition SDK from database will be provided

you need to have basic idea of OpenCV and visual studio. if you are already enrolled in my previous face recognition course then it is more easy for you.

This is a first-ever course based on the face detection and recognition of the user faces from the database.

This course is designed to help students to capture faces from real-time cameras and save them to the database.

In this course connection to SQL database is introduced. It also covered the concepts of how to create a database and assign fields. It also covers the relation of primary fields to others along with assigning database values.

The first module is the face training module. This module allows users to capture faces from the real-time camera, train faces, and save information to the database.

The second module is the face recognition module. This module will check user faces from a real-time camera and match them with the stored database images. The recognizer will find the best match and then display the result.

This course is a continuation of the previous course face recognition from OpenCV. if you are not enrolled in that course then no need to worry, I have provided the previous course code in it, but if you want to learn from scratch then it’s better for you to enroll in the previous course as well for a better understanding.

Who this course is for
Interested in developing software for database based face recognition.
For commercial use
For academic use
For passionate learners






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