The MERN masterclass A course in fullstack Javascript

Published 11/2022
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 73 lectures (26h 23m) | Size: 11.3 GB

Create 9 different MERN websites, and go from knowing basic HTML, CSS and Javascript to a fullstack web developer

What you’ll learn
React (for the frontend)
Express (backend)
MongoDB (our database)
PassportJS (login and register system)
Postman (for backend testing)
Material UI
Storing pictures and video
BONUS: Using DigitalOcean to deploy your website

Knowledge of basic HTML, CSS and Javascript

You’re probably here because you have some knowledge of web programming, and know how to use HTML and Javascript to make simple webpages. Or maybe you even have some experience with React, Express or MongoDB? Well in this course, you’re gonna learn not just how to use them alone, but also how they can work together to make a beautiful fullstack website.

This course takes you through 9 different websites, in progressive difficulty. It teaches you how each component of the MERN stack works by itself, and then integrates each component until we have a fullstack website. We’ll also make a user system from scratch, so users can register and log in, and finally we’ll integrate that into a site where users can listen to music and make their own playlists.

Here is what you’ll get out of it

A look at how to use the command line, for Windows, Mac and Linux

Knowledge of how to make frontends with React, a modern framework

Insight into how an API works, and be able to create API backends with Express

Learn how to use MongoDB to create and store stuff, like users

How to create a login and register system, that you can use in your own websites

Learn the difference between authorization and authentication

Know how MaterialUI and Bootstrap can be used to make the frontend beautiful

How to deploy your website to the web, and how to setup your own server

Who this course is for
Anyone with basic web programming skills that want to take the next step
Beginner developers who are curious about fullstack Javascript
People who know React, MongoDB or Express, and want to use it in fullstack websites
Those who want to learn PassportJS and how to incorporate it into a fullstack website






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