Udemy How To Sing Dance And Act All In One Course TUTORiAL

P2P | 02 November 2022 | 1.49 GB
No need to search multiple courses, do it all right HERE!! Taught by a working Professional who has played the lead on Broadway, played guest star roles on TV & even has a single out right now! Have you ever wanted to take Singing, Dancing or Acting classes but felt too self conscious or not good enough? Well now you can & do it all in the safety of your home. You get to try it all and have fun at the same time. Whether it’s kids building up their creative confidence, or adults allowing space to hone theirs, this is the course for you.

So we will begin with warming up the voice using professional techniques to strengthen and prepare. Then I will coaching on 2 fun contrasting songs to improve your ability and versatility. learning about falsetto and power belting. From there we transition to moving our bodies as it’s all connected when performing. You will learn to pick up dance steps really quickly and dance with energy and a fun attitude. The last section of the course we move into acting where you will learn tongue twisters and improvisation before moving into an acting scene where I literally interact with you. By the end of this course you will have 2 songs, 2 dance routines and 2 Acting scenes under you belt. Plus the tips that I have used through out my successful career to empower and prepare you on your journey.

What you’ll learn

•Learn Vocal warmup techniques that strength and protect your voice & improve your performance ability..
•Learn how to Perform a popular song with feeling and intention. I will show you exactly what I do before a show.
•Drastically improve your acting skills in a scene where I direct & perform the scene with you.
•To be able to confidently learn a short fun dance routine without feeling self conscious. Beginning with a short warm up to prepare your body.
•An overall building of confidence to do all 3.



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