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FREE | 03 November 2022 | 606 MB
FOUNDATION: WOODWINDS features 10+ multi-sampled woodwind Ableton Live instrument racks that capture the sound of Flute, Oboe, Recorder, Bassoon, Piccolo and Clarinet.
Each instrument in this pack comes with several articulations (staccato, sustain and vibrato) that you can easily switch using neat macro controls.
All racks have Reverb, Delay, Compressor and Stereo effect macros, so you can quickly dial in the sound you want.

What’s inside?
• Flute – staccato, sustain, vibrato (two variations) racks.
• Flute Staccato Tropical – staccato flute with extra processing that adds tropical vibes. This flute rack is perfect for Pop, Tropical or Afro House music.
• Flute Pad – sustain flute rack with additional processing that turned it into a cinematic pad.
• Oboe – staccato, sustain, vibrato racks.
• Bassoon – staccato, sustain, vibrato racks.
• Piccolo – staccato and sustain racks.
• Clarinet – staccato and sustain racks.
• Recorder Soprano – staccato and sustain racks.
• Recorder Alto – staccato, sustain, vibrato racks.
• Recorder Bass – staccato, sustain, vibrato racks.
• Recorder Tenor – staccato, sustain, vibrato racks.

Special thanks to Versilian Studios for amazing samples!



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