Futurephonic This is My Serum by Burn in Noise for xFer Serum Fixed Full

AudioZ Exclusive | Presets | 125 MB
The response to the release of our previous Burn in Noise pack, This is My Sound for ANA 2, exceeded all our expectations. So when producer after another asked for a Serum bank of Gustavo’s sounds, we just had to make it happen.

And so, Gustavo closed himself away in his studio for a couple of months, crafting this incredible new pack of epic, signature dancefloor-slamming Serum patches.

▷ It started like this.

The initial idea was to make a ‘remix’ of the ANA 2 bank for Serum users. Indeed, you’ll find several of Gustavo’s best ANA 2 sounds in Serum form. But Gustavo has piled in a whole bunch of all-new patches here, making this a brand-spanking-new beast. Of course, the famous Serum macros are loaded up and ready to rock!
▷ 64 x 64 Control.

We’re always probing to find out what the next level looks like, and Gustavo had a great idea. He has, incredibly, transposed the arp-based patches into 64 MIDI files, which come packaged.

Sure, use them with these new patches, or any patches, in any synth, with any DAW. Original Burn in Noise MIDI sequences – what better an inspiration station? Drop ’em in your project, and start rewriting them for your own tracks.

And speaking of those arps, Gustavo painstakingly programmed 64-step arpeggiation patterns into many of the Serum patches for us. We’ve never seen it done before – but the master has waved his magic wand for us once again (and, naturally, every patch has a ‘No Melody’ macro for using your own melodies).
▷ Take our lead.

Yep, there are some immersive atmospheres in here as well as two signature pro basses, but the main focus is on Psytrance leads. You’ll find an extensive collection of massive lead sounds that you’ll be reaching for time and time again. Upfront, high energy and fully psychedelic – it’s that Burn in Noise sound and it just works.

Sounds great, what do I get?

101 Patches for Xfer Serum
2 Pro Basses / 76 Epic Leads / 18 Lush Pads / 5 Trippy SFX
64 Burn in Noise MIDI Sequences (for use with any DAW/synth)
All patches designed by Gustavo Manfroni / Burn in Noise
64-step Arpeggiator sequences – a first for Serum
Custom wavetables
Name-stamped PDF
Must own latest version of Serum (v1.30b9)

NOTE: This version includes all MIDI and wavetables

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This release has been exclusively provided to AudioZ
by our member who wish to remain anonymous.



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