Groove3 Mixing with Plugin Alliance Plugins Explained TUTORiAL

HiDERA | 4 November 2022 | 1.11 GB
If you use Plugin Alliance plugins – this course is for you! Recording expert Larry Holcombe shows you how to mix a session from scratch using nothing but Plugin Alliance plugins. You’ll see and hear every move, as he processes, filters, compresses, saturates, and more on the way to the final finished product. What’s even better is that you get access to all the session’s tracks yourself, so you can follow along at home! These videos are for intermediate Plugin Alliance users.

Larry welcomes you to the course and quickly familiarizes you with the track by playing a rough mix of the song before loading it into Metric AB to get a reference starting point. Then he turns his attention to the low end, where he employs some surgical EQ cuts (bx_digital), increases punch (ADPTR Sculpt), and side-chains the 808 to the kick for added groove and headroom.

Next, learn how to manage stereo width (bx_digital) of certain sounds with EQ applied in the mid/side mode, as well as mid/side saturation (bx_saturator). Discover the power of filtering, as the extreme low/high frequencies are cut, while specific frequencies ranges are boosted to increase clarity and separation, all the while using Metric AB for frequency analysis. Also watch Larry tackle some harshness with bx_refinement.

Through the remainder of the course, you’ll also learn about compression (creating front/back perspective, control transients, add hype/vibe), additive EQ and saturation (reducing reverb with De-Verb, vintage-style saturation on the drums, specific boosts to marquee sounds with bx_console AMEK 9099 for improved clarity), bus processing (correcting a low-mid clash, creating groove with the bx_townhouse bus compressor), mastering (low/high cuts with BAX EQ, mid/side compression with Elysia Alpha, additive EQ with Mäag EQ4, volume boost with bx_limter True Peak), and more!

Plugin Alliance makes it easy to work with the best plugins in the business, and this video course serves as the perfect companion for those who want to see and hear what can really be done with these powerful tools. There’s no substitution for doing something yourself, and you’ll be able to recreate every move in your own DAW with the provided session tracks so you can really get a feel for the processing being done.

For more information on what’s covered in each tutorial, see the individual Mixing with Plugin Alliance Plugins video descriptions. You have all the tools at hand – now all you need is the knowhow… watch “Mixing with Plugin Alliance Plugins Explained®” today.



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