MixWithTheMasters Geoff Pesche Mastering Just a Play Act 1 Liberator of Minds by R SHIE Dead Can Dance Mastering Workshop 9

VisionSierra | mp4 + subs | 400 MB |
Step inside London’s iconic Abbey Road Studios for a mastering workshop with Geoff Pesche! For his debut series, the veteran mastering engineer gives an overview of his background, the evolution of his job over time, and how he approaches projects on a daily basis. Geoff takes you through his analog signal path and explains the playback-to-capture computer setup. He comments on advancements in clocking and digital conversion, and illustrates why he typically aims to restrict all of his processing to the simple analog chain. Pesche also elaborates on some intrinsic elements of his vocation, including bit depth, sample rates, monitoring, and headroom. He demonstrates his techniques on two mixes – ‘Just a Play’ by R-SHIE and ‘Act 1: Liberator of Minds’ by Dead Can Dance.

Part 1
11 min
Early training, signal path, conversion, clocking, hardware units, console, monitoring, bit depth, sample rate

Part 2
15 min

Internal balance vs. loudness, retaining dynamics, limiting, target levels, headroom, minimal treatment

Part 3
12 min

 EQ, filters, de-essing, compression, mastering ‘Just A Play’ & ‘Act 1: Liberator of Minds’



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