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The Progressive Way to Develop Your Guitar Chord Strumming Skills From Scratch

What you’ll learn
Learn Chords and Develop Technique to Make Fast, Precise Changes
Master All the Important “Open” Chords used for Most Strumming Songs
Build a Solid Guitar Strumming Foundation
Learn Major, Minor, 7th, Minor 7th, Major 7th, and Sus. Chord Types
A guitar to play and some regular time to practice
Learn to Strum Chords on Guitar for a Lifetime of Fun!Strumming chords is the first thing that many people learn to play on guitar. Let’s face it, if you can strum chords, you can accompany songs, jam with others, play at parties, or perhaps play around the campfire. If you or anyone else can sing, strumming chords adds two important things:Harmony – (the chords) mostly associated with the left hand.Rhythm – usually the right hand does the strumming.How Does “Guitar Chords and Strumming for Beginners” Work?It teaches you how to change chords smoothly and efficiently with the left hand (fretting hand). Meanwhile, as you hold down and change chords you learn to strum and keep time with the right hand.If that seems complicated, it’s really not because it’s broken down for you. First… you’ll work on the left hand to learn all of the most important chord shapes. Then… just as important, you’ll practice the most efficient way to change chords. Important!!! You must develop this step so that you can make fast effortless chord changes when required. Next… you learn right hand rhythm techniques using the chord shapes that you are now comfortable with. Finally… combining the whole process you expand your rhythm playing skills.What are the detailed steps to learn Guitar Chords and Strumming?You begin with simple one-finger-chord changes focusing on the mechanics of the left hand (fretting hand).Gradually you add more fingers while still focusing on smooth and efficient chord changes.You keep the right hand strumming simple in the beginning until you are good with the chords.Once you are comfortable with changing chords you’ll add strumming rhythms to your guitar skills, starting out simple, then adding more complex rhythms.What Chords Will You Learn?Based on just 5 open-chord shapes you’ll learn many different chord types. “Open” chords are a combination of un-fretted “open” string notes with strings that use the frets. Based on those chords, you’ll learn – Major chordsMinor chords7th chordsMinor-7th chordsMajor-7th chordsSuspended 2nds (sus chords)Suspended 4thsAfter completing the course you’ll know the most important chords, have good technique, and solid strumming skills. The sooner you start, the quicker you’ll learn. Don’t delay – start today!






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