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bobdule| 6 November 2022 | 675 MB
Max is a graphical environment for music, audio, and multimedia. In use for over twenty years by performers, composers, artists, scientists, teachers, and students, Max is the way to make your computer do things that reflect your individual ideas and dreams.

Max is an infinitely flexible space to create your own interactive software. Connect Ideas Together to Create!

Each object does something. Max has objects that generate sound waves, represent hardware, or provide a UI for interaction.

Patchcords connect one object to another. This connection lets objects share their output with connected objects.

Connect UI objects like dials and sliders to provide control values or display results. Modulate, map and scale data to get just the right results.

Create Software Built Around You, In the Moment
• Drag in your own audio clips and start manipulating them and connecting effects
• Map your patcher with MIDI controllers as you go to start playing with your creation while you work

Expanded Ideas
Max patching starts on a blank canvas, free of any structure. This makes it natural to build and explore unique ideas that would be too complex to make elsewhere. The Max patcher automatically expands to fit your work as it grows, no matter how much space you take up.

Explore Sound without Limits
• Design a custom synthesizer with as many oscillators and effects as you wish.
• Manipulate samples in every way, including timestretch and pitch shifting.
• Build up more layered sounds using MC objects to patch multichannel audio.

Make Sound with a Gesture
In Max, you can build classic synths from scratch or get lost hacking together unusual sounds. Try the XY controls below to hear some sounds you could create with Max.
• You can do a lot with just a single oscillator and a filter.
• Add some extra modulation and try something a little more wild.

Make Visual Music
Max includes full-featured, expandable video and graphics tools with Jitter. Jitter is optimized for realtime audiovisual work, and is easy to combine with audio, sequencing, and modulation like everything else in Max.

Take Max into the World
Max provides the tools to connect your computer to the external world, or connect many computers together. With support for a constantly expanding list of hardware and communications, Max is ready to talk to everything.

Prototype and Evaluate
Flexible access to hardware makes Max a perfect environment for prototyping. Connect your development board to Max and get instant access to sensors, knobs, and switches. Watch the data stream in as you develop the interaction.
Countless commercial products, art installations, and stage shows have relied on Max to glue together all the parts of their process.

Generate Audio, Video, Code
Use Gen to patch together fine-tuned processes for audio, matrix data, or texture processing. Gen lets you combine procedural commands with visual patching to simplify the creation of custom processes.
Gen objects can also output source code to be used elsewhere if needed.

Extended Max
Max’s built-in Package Manager offers immediate access to over 50 add-ons covering everything from computer vision to support for hardware controllers including Novation, Monome and ROLI controllers.
If the feature you want doesn’t exist in Max, chances are someone in the community has created it. And if they haven’t, you can extend Max yourself using C++, NodeJS, Java, or javascript.

Cycling Max 8.5.0 | Nov 1, 2022


RNBO quickstart (to export Max patch in VST3)

Release Notes
New Features

ftom/ftom~/mtof/mtof~: Scala support
GLCore: modern OpenGL Graphics Engine (gfxengine glcore) new object to manage environment maps for image-based lighting GLCore Support support for PBR materails in glTF files new global illumination effects (atmospheric, tssao, ssr) GLCore support new object for efficiently rendering multiple words of text support for input-only buffers GLCore support
Max for Live Devices: added device pref to include packages when freezing
Projects: ‘safe’ mode (a la loadbang defeat)
RNBO: Support for new add-on patching environment
vst~: improved transport support / @legacytransport attr
vst~: support for named transports

Fixed Bugs

amxd~: fixed typing a file into the inspector
attrui: prevent setting of read-only attributes
autocompletion: fixed misc issues for a few objects
buffer~: fixed importreplace / replace with some .mp3 files (Mac fix only)
Color Picker: does not add unecessary undo transactions
filtergraph~: fixed crash saving markers
gestalt / js: fixed arm64 architecture reporting
GLCore: @poly_mode 2 2 correctly draws points as circles
GLCore: fixed cull_face poly_mode behavior
Inspector: Color popup follows horizontal window resize
JA Translation: improved word wrap in help files (Win) (GLCore): fixed poly_mode fixed skeleton mesh misalignment issues removed 1024 maximum character limit (now 32768)
jit.matrix: fix exportimage file extension enforcement
jit.qt.engine: fixed Error 126 loading external (Windows)
js: increased Array/stringth length when posting (32767)
jsui: fixed crash when @filename is set with #1 (changeable arg)
lcd: fixed crash with long ‘write’ symbols
line~ / curve~: prevent bang on single value message (reverts to old behavior)
live.banks: window can be opened from subpatcher
live.object: fixed potential crash on empty message
Max Console: permit option key from Window menu to move to the main display
Max for Live Device: improved devuce unfreeze speed
Max for Live Device: M4L patcher attributes are retained when saved in Max
Max for Live: improved scheduleraudio accuracy
mc.pattern~: fixed crash on illegal channel index
New From Clipboard: ensure top-level loadbang is triggered
Node for Max: Fixed logging on Apple arm64 machines
Package install: improved installation / removal / etc
pattrhub: improved @patcher attach/detach
pink~: improved seeding / instances are unique
plot~: domain properly set from stored values
poly~: fixed right event outlet assistance
print: fixed comma-escaping
Projects: fixed crash if subpatcher window is open when Saving as Project
Projects: improved handling of invalid project search paths
Projects: reload no longer causes duplicate patcher instance if save dialog is cancelled
pvar: fixed crash when deleting object connected to a pvar
serial: improved open/close
sfplay~ / playlist~: fixed crash with high-channel counts
subdiv~: fixed @div attr arg initialization
subdiv~: fixed issues with patterns with small, followed by large, values
textedit: order attribute works when parameter_enabled
updown~: protect against over / under
vd.twist.jxs shader example: fixed for GLCore
vst~: added some aliases for @prefer
vst~: fixed argument parsing on patcher load
vst~: fixed crash with ‘writebank’ with no arguments (vst3)
vst~: fixed potential deadlock when changing parameters with generic interface
what~: fixed crash using @matches attr arg
zl.rev: fixed list with bang message stream size retained when changing zlmaxsize



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