Lil Gunnr The MIDWXST Vocal Preset TECHNiA

TECHNiA | 6 November 2022 | 3 KB
The MIDWXST Vocal Preset

This Preset includes
• Autotune EFX
• Fresh Air Plugin Preset
• Preset Starter Limiter/Compression
• Starter Cut EQ
• Heavy Cut EQ
• De-esser
• Reverb
• Boost/Cut EQ
• Delay
• Final Limiter/Compression

(1 FILE)

All plugins are stock other than Autotune EFX and Fresh Air

(This does not include Autotune EFX & Fresh Air, if you do not have this Autotune or Fresh Air Plugin you can use any other variant and will get the same/similar results). This Vocal Preset is not the official preset of this artist and is only meant to create a similar presence.



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