SoundFingers Le Skank v1 2 3 Incl Keygen WIN macOS R2R

Team R2R | 06 Nov 2022 | WiN: 70.9MB | MAC: 147.8MB
Unique Reggae Guitar Rhythm
Le Skank is a powerful Instrument designed to bring you the real sound of a Reggae Rhythm Guitar.

Featuring multi-sampled chords plus a unique skankin’ engine specially created to give you maximum flexibility.

Guitar Skank
Also known as “Guitar chop”, the guitar skank is an important part of reggae and dub music. Due to its playing technique, this particular guitar sound is often hard to get with plugins, even some of the modern ones. If you don’t play guitar, it’s likely you’ll never really acheive to get this sound right… and if you do play guitar, it’s always nice to have an instrument to quickly lay out your ideas. That’s why I created Le Skank.

A Complete Solution
Le Skank features all the tools and options you’ll need to create and play great guitar tones. Begin by selecting the guitar pickup of your choice, the overall tone of the amp and cab, and tweak the sound with the filter and the included effects. No other plugin needed.

Despite the number of available options, you can still acheive an great tone by just tweaking a few controls, plus you can benefit from the preset collection. The instrument is packed with 50 factory presets to get you started.



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